Yes and No. 

If a Carer / Support Worker you choose has not been trained and certified in medication assistance within a Certificate 3 or 4 (or similar course), we recommend that you ask them to complete a medication assistance training before helping with medication. 

Carers / Support Workers are allowed to assist with the administration of medicines as long as they don't prescribe them. 

You can ask for help with medication, just like a normal family member might offer (such as preparing pill allocations based on exactly prescribed dosages, or giving somene their pills to take with water). 

You can ask someone to help with:

  • Medication via tablet (orally)
  • Medication via suppository
  • Medication via creams
  • Medication via injection or IV (if they're a qualified & registered nurse).
If you want extra clarification, we recommend you ask for specific permission in writing from your Medical Practioner, to confirm that they are legally able to help with administering the medication. If offering 'on the job training' directly to a Carer / Support Worker, we recommend that you give them a letter to acknowledge you have trained them.