Manage Support Visits on the "Visits" page. Here's a preview below! 

You'll see 3 sections:

*Tasks - this shows any Visits with a task (eg. a confirmation or other).
* Upcoming - this shows future Visits. 
* History - this has Confirmed, Expired, Cancelled and Declined Visits.

For Upcoming Visits

* For any changes or to cancel, click "Change Visit"
* To cancel a Visit, click "Cancel Visits" and confirm
* To change date / time, click "Change Date / Time"

If changing date / time, your Support Worker will be asked to re-accept. 

If your Support Worker declines a change, the Visit will still be active with the original date / time.

If changes are declined and your original time is not convenient any longer, then cancel the Visit.

For Visits in History

* Confirmed - Visits that have been completed and were confirmed.
* Expired - Visits you requested that a Support Worker did not action.
* Cancelled - Visits that were cancelled (by you or a Support Worker).
* Declined - Visits that Support Workers declined and never accepted.

You can refresh this list by clicking the Yellow Refresh Circle. 

You can also see your Team and quickly re-book one-off Visits. 

If a Support Worker works more or less hours during a Visit, you won't need to do anything. They will click 'Update Time' first. You'll then see this Visit in Tasks and you can confirm their updates. 











Support Visit Types: 

* To book one-off / flexible Visits, book through the Kynd App.
* To setup an ongoing support roster, email our team for help.

Change Hourly Rates:

* If needing to update any times or rates on your roster, email our team. 
* You can edit upcoming rates for public holidays etc, as you both agree.