You can request 'Meet & Greets' with Support Workers in the App! 

This is a complimentary (unpaid) opportunity to get to know them. 

It's a perfect chance to share info to see if you're a good mutual fit. 

Request Meet & Greets

In the Kynd App...

* Go to Browse
* Click on a Support Workers Profile
* Click on Request Sally (for example) 
* Choose Meet & Greet as the type
* Enter details and send your request! 

You can then send / receive chat messages in the App with that person.

Before any Meet & Greet, we highly recommend asking more questions, including about your specific needs, via chat messages. This will help ensure it's worth you both investing  time to learn more. 

Good questions include:

* Do you have experience with this support?
* What exact days / times are you available?
* I need help with X-Y-Z. Can you assist that?

This helps you understand a Support Worker's needs also. If you learn that they won't be the right person, you're able to politely cancel the Meet & Greet - and save you both time (if not a good fit). 

Successful Meet & Greets

Here are our tips for successful Meet & Greets:

* Always arrive on time 
* If preferable and simpler for you, you can meet in a public place
* Meet & Greets aren't meant to be too formal. Relax and share info
* Prepare questions to ask. Understand what you want to find out

Your goal is to answer if they're a good fit for you and vice-versa. 

Good insights to share in Meet & Greets are:

* The specific goals I'm working towards are... 
* Here's what a typical / normal day looks like
* Here's what a bad day and visit might be like
* Things that worked well or didn't in the past
* Any safety issue a Support Worker must know

Good questions for the Meet & Greet include:

* How could you assist my specific goals? 
* Do you have experience with skill X-Y-Z?
* Are you open to training that we'll offer? 
* What exact days and times are you free?
* Could we setup a simple ongoing roster?

And finally... 

* What final questions might you have for me?
* Do you think we'd be a good fit for each other?
* Would you like to progress and setup visits?

It's also worth discussing their hourly rates and to find a mutual agreement. You might wish to shares your ideas on days / nights and different 'roster' rates (ie. Mon-Fri, Sat, Sun, Public Holidays). 

Important - As Meet & Greets are complimentary, you aren't able to try to organise extra 'free' Meet & Greets with Support Workers. Any further meetings, interviews, inductions or training should be booked as paid visits in the Kynd App. That's only fair. It helps respect their time.

After the Meet & Greet

You're able to easily book one-off or flexible Visits right in the App.

To setup Ongoing Visits / Rosters, you'll need to email info to Kynd. 

You're then on your way - congrats!