While we'd love our platform to help everyone... 

Kynd is available for NDIS Participants with Self or Plan Managed funding.

Many people with 'NDIA' or 'Agency Managed' funding have switched to Self Managed and Plan Managed funding, to give themselves flexibility and actual choice and control over their supports.

If you currently have NDIA Managed funding and are interested in changing, you'll need to request changes to your plan / funding type. You can apply for an NDIS... "Review of a Reviewable Decision". 

The NDIA's process could take a while, so it's often best to get things rolling quickly. 

You'll need to state in the form that you're seeking to change the NDIS funding type from Agency or NDIA Managed.. to either Plan Manager or Self Managed.

It's important to understand all options, as each funding type can have pros and cons.

Find what's best for you and your situation.