You can setup "Ongoing Rosters" with Kynd.

This helps create the Visits you need, for every week or fortnight - based on your requests.

Setup Ongoing Roster

To add an Ongoing Roster, email Kynd with specific info. For example:

"Starting Monday 16 Sep, please setup Monday 2pm to 6pm, with Frank at $38 per hour"

Cancel a Specific Visit

If a single Visit on your Roster needs cancelling... you can cancel it. 

You or your Support Workers can click "Cancel" in Visits in the App. 

Changing Your Rosters

If you need to change an ongoing rostered day / time, or if you need to cancel an ongoing rostered day / time entirely, email Kynd with specific info. We'll make roster changes or cancel this for you.

If a Support Worker is no longer available, you can Post a Job or Browse.