Kynd is designed for safety and empowerment —online and offline.

It's our number #1 mutual priority with you.

We actively take measures to help ensure safety and trust for everyone using Kynd. As a Member, you take an active role in promoting safety. You control who you choose and services you request.

Ways we help ensure safety together include: 

Each Support Worker passes pre-screening. This includes:

1) Support Worker Application
2) Safety & Identity Checks (IDs, qualifications, ABNs etc)
3) Police Certificates (a successful National Police Check)

In-App Profiles
You're able to view Support Worker Profiles and learn about people. This shares their personal bio, safety verifications, experience and services. It's your chance to understand if they suit you.

100% Control
When choosing a Support Worker using Kynd, you're 100% in control.
* You can setup a free 'Meet & Greet' to discuss and set expectations. 
* You can choose someone you like and trust. It's entirely your choice. 
* If you're ever not 100% happy, you could cancel support with them. 
* Unlike agencies and providers, you will never have a stranger arrive.

Meet & Greets
We highly recommend a free 'Meet & Greet' first, especially for ongoing support. This is normally 30 to 60 minutes to discuss your needs, learn more about each other and talk rates and schedules. 

* Ensure your home / environment is safe for Support Workers.
* You're welcome to ask to check a Support Worker's certificates.
* If more comfortable, you could ask to meet in a public location.

Support Visits
With your Support Visit booked in Kynd, you have accurate records. You can see exactly who's supporting you and when. If your family or Support Coordinator is helping, they have visibility.

Insurance Cover
Kynd includes insurance cover for Members and Support Workers. For more information about coverage, search insurance in Kynd's FAQs. Make your life admin and support visits hassle-free.

Ratings & Reviews
After Support Visits, share your feedback through ratings and reviews. This helps other people in your local area to choose the right Support Worker. Help reward and recognise Support Workers.

Secure Payments
Kynd is a cashless solution. You or your representative receives invoices once visits are confirmed. Never pay a Support Worker cash or transfer money outside the platform. Keep your data secure.

If paying privately, we use Stripe, a world leading payment service, for debit/credit card payments.

Kynd Support 
We're a community. If you ever have any concerns about safety... you're welcome to email Kynd.